Brighter Hope Foundation Liberia



 To develop a platform on which Liberian women, Children and youth’s organizations in Liberia and other Africa countries can exchange and share ideas and experiences. In addition, a platform for building on, and monitoring alliances between the sustainable development efforts of Liberian women, Children and youths’ organizations in Liberia and those of  the women, Children and youth in Africa and the world.

To advocate for the inclusion of Liberian women, children, and youth in key development policies. 

To facilitate a mentor-network that offers marginalized women, Children and youth a support system in their integration into the Liberian society.

Women, Children and Youth deliver a local advocacy organization bringing together voices from around the fifteen (15) political sub-divisions to call for actions to improve the health and well-being of Our Children, youth and women.

 We at Brighter Hope Foundation Liberia will be happy to take part in conferences in Africa
and the world at large



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