Brighter Hope Foundation Liberia

Our Aims

1.      To provide safe place to learn for the children

 2.      To provide educational opportunities for orphans on site and those in nearby communities, thus providing a brighter and better future for them;

 3.      Job Training and Youth Development: the Organization shall introduce training for the community youth so they can employ or create small scales business ventures;

 4.      Business Training and Development: the Organization shall engage in training the exploration of opportunities for local farmers;

 5.      To engage in educational programs, counseling through psychosocial rehabilitation, Christian education, domestic violence, Theological Education, Church based programs, community development projects, medical assistance, build university and colleges to empower the national church through leadership development, etc.;

 6.      To provide basic literacy; psychosocial services; peace building /reconciliation and conflict management /resolution activities; civic, health, drugs (used & abused), and sex education to war affected youths; especially girls and disabled through training, advocacy, counseling sessions, and support groups for transformation;

 7.      To create a safe space and environment for adolescent girls to build their self-confidence and esteem through after school programs and livelihood skills training for empowerment, stability and sustainability in their homes and community;

8.      The Corporation is organized exclusively to provide free but quality education to all less fortunate, parentless, and under- privileged girls in Liberia;

 9.      To reunite them (orphans) with their parents/guardians in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare upon request that may be proven;

 10.  To facilitate and sustain good environment within which the Liberian children will peacefully grow and develop into responsible and responsive adults, capable of positively deciding on their own direction;

 11.  To network with other orphan groups and educational institutes and also partnership with agencies/organizations, implementing programs and activities that will improve the standard of living of these beneficiaries;

 12.  To empower women to identify a clearer understanding of their roles and status in the community through discussions, forums, dramas and other educational programs;

 13.  To access vulnerable slums or least developed communities within the rural and urban areas of Liberia and advocate for individual’s rights to protection, healthcare, education, and welfare without any form of discrimination and ethnic affiliation;

 14.  To engage in any lawful act or activities for which Non-For-Profit Corporation may now or hereafter be organized under the act adopting the New Association law of the Republic of Liberia approved May 19, 1976 and published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic The names and post Office’s Address of the Incorporators of this Articles of Incorporation area as follows: of Liberia


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